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to our other project: Vertigini Cliparts. An independent Operational System package of artistic images and cliparts (all in medium and high resolution) developed by Bruno Maia and freely available under the GPL license. You may use the images for any lawful purpose, being fully responsible for what you do with them. You can create prints for shirts, diagram books, illustrate your website, blog, make your presentation in PowerPoint or Impress etc.

For using our application, you only need a modern browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 7.0 to 9.0) and open the file VERTIGINI.htm, available in Vertigini_Cliparts folder, then read the instructions and follow the screen until you find the chosen image. It is also advisable that you install the fonts in the folder FONTS. Do this to avoid breaking the layout with the vector files

To use the vector cliparts, you need a application compatible with the SVG format, as Inkscape, Illustrator, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or any modern web browser. No cliparts created in formats AI and CDR because we want to get rid of vices inherent in the profession (and professionals), since these formats are not standardized and break compatibility all the time.

If you enjoy our free app, help us to always keep it free by purchasing our other product for only $ 8.90, the "Vertigini Great Templates", a collection of templates for OpenOffice / LibreOffice and MS Office.

Thanks and enjoy!

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