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Vertigini Great Templates for Libre/OpenOffice

20 animated layouts for impress

16 layouts for writer
12 layouts for Calc
40 Extra Cliparts/SVG themes

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A great application for Libre/OpenOfficeTM®, IBM SymphonyTM®, MSOfficeTM® or compatibles. Many people say that these suites are as good as MS Office, but do not have the models (templates) for documents with the desired quality. This problem is over: Vertigini Great Templates will surprise you! With an accessible and organized interface, you will find themes for a variety of documents, such as:
  • Spreadsheets for films, medication schedules etc.
  • Templates for resumes, papers, cards, folders and many others.
  • Amazing animated themes for Impress presentations.
  • Set Cliparts (OpenSource) for personal or commercial use.
  • User-friendly interface with easy installation.
  • Compatible with Linux ®TM and Windows ®TM

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Microsoft™®, Windows™®,and MS Office™® ​​are trademarks and products owned by Microsoft™®. IBM Lotus Symphony™® is owned by IBM, Linux™® is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. Libre Office™® belongs to The Document Foundation. Open Office™® belongs to the Apache Foundation. All trademarks and trade names herein are used solely for advertising products and services for users of the applications aforementioned.  Background Site: Motion Ilusion in Star Arrangement- by Fiestoforo


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